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Salar del Huasco

Independent Travellers


Huasco salt flat is one of the newest National Parks in the country and it doesn’t have any public infrastructure yet. The sights are impressive and the landscape inspires long slow exploring walks. There is a set of shallow salt lakes where flamingos feed, dozens of them. Llamas and alpacas feed on the shore as well.

There is a local family that runs a private lodge with privileged views.

If you would like to go for a hike, you are free to go on your own; there are no trails but orientation is quite straight forward, just keep in mind that you shouldn’t get too close from the shore of the salt lake, neither disturb the birds or any other animal.

Transit on vehicles is only allowed on the main dirt road and the use of drones is forbidden.


Per night per person. Breakfast is not included

Available Services


There is a lodge that belongs to one of the two families inhabiting Salar del Huasco, lodging needs to be reserved in advance as they might be hard to reach.

Lodge has two wings; each one has 4 rooms, going from doubles (two single beds), double bed room and shared for 4 in two bunk beds.

All rooms have private bathrooms, water needs to be heated prior taking a shower so some planning has to be done. Both wings share one big dining room with excellent views to the salt flat, there is a kitchen as well with everything you need to prepare a meal.

There is no staff, just the owner who comes to welcome and set you in. You need to bring your own food and drinking water. Tap water is not safe for drinking here, just for washing/cooking.


There is a well equipped kitchen with utensils available; you need to bring all your food here, as there is no meal service.

Local Guide

There are not local guide here.

Other Services:

  • No Grocery Shop.
  • No WiFi.
  • No Public Phone.
  • No Public VHF/UHF Radio.
  • Limited Electricity.
  • Tap Water is not safe to drink.
  • No Mobile Phone Signal.

Responsible Behavior

No drugs, loud music or heavy drinking are allowed. Please, smoke in open areas away from the lodge.

Only cash (Chilean pesos) are accepted.

Take your garbage back with you; there is no collection on this place.

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