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Camping Solar Shower 10 Liters



10 Liters, solar heating, manual pressurized camping shower. No need to hang the shower up: the water is pressurized.


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2 to 4 days USD28 | 5 to 8 days USD45

Brand: Quechua.

Directions of use: Unscrew the central pump to fill the water until the marked level, screw back the pump and proceed to pump until you get the fully formed cylinder shape. Leave it under direct sunlight for some hours. When ready to use, just press the button on the shower head.

The heating time depends on how much sun there is, how you set it up the shower and the initial water temperature. To make the water heat up faster, we recommend that you lay the shower down. If you want to fill it with warm water, we recommend that you first add cold water. Do not add boiling water! Do not leave your shower beneath a car windscreen throughout the day in full summer to speed up the heating of the water. Our tests have shown that, in this case, the water temperature may rise to 158°F. Such a high temperature can damage the shower components or make them age faster, and above all, be dangerous for you.

Additional information

Package Includes:

1 collapsible solar water shower, 1 carry bag, 1 hose, 1 shower head, 1 internal manual pump, repair kit.


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