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This little village is the permanent home of just a handful of llama and alpaca shepherds. It’s located on the base of “Sillaghuai” mountain (Also found on some maps as “Alto Toroni”) and is surrounded by beautiful grazing areas (bofedales), archeological and historical sites (none of the marked). A remote, peaceful and authentic place to spend a couple of very starry nights and days full of culture, scenery and hikes. With a small lake and many grazing areas, this is a good place for birders as well. To get here all you need to do is to follow A-357 from Cariquima, the road finishes 25km ahead in Chulluncane.


Per night per person.
Breakfast is included

Available Services


The family house has incorporated two adobe cabins for visitors located inside the property; both of them have access to a bathroom with wc, shower and lavatory. There is drinkable running water 24hrs. The bathroom is located outside the cabins.

Both cabins were constructed with the skillful help of the local community, using local materials like adobe, straw, cactus wood and llama skin strings.

Cabin 1: It can be arranged with up to 4 single beds, each bed comes with polar bed sheets, and pillow, heavy blankets and a handmade llama weave bed cover.

Cabin 2: It can be arranged for up to 6 people (single beds only) in one single space. Each bed comes with polar bed sheets, pillow, heavy blankets and a handmade llama weave bed cover.

None of the cabins has heating; however the adobe thick walls allow them to stay warm during the cold nights.


The hosting family has one dining room and kitchen with gas and a Wood stove, there is a big table and seats for up to 10 people. They can offer breakfast, lunch and dinner mainly made with local ingredients such as quinoa, fava beans, potatoes and llama or alpaca meat. Vegetarian options are available but they need to know in advance.

 Price: Lunch USD$7, Dinner USD$8 per person.

Local Guide

Don Eugenio Challapa (74) is the local guide and provides (if his health allows) very interesting guide walks around town and surroundings, he speaks Spanish and Aymara.

Other Services:

  • There are no grocery shops or any kind of shops in town.
  • No WIFI.
  • No public phone
  • No public VHF/UHF radio.
  • No electricity. There are solar panels that provide energy for lights.
  • Tap water is safe to drink.

Responsible Behavior

Days start early and end early, it’s expected that after dinner everyone would go to bed and stay in silence.

No drugs, loud music or heavy drinking are allowed. Please, smoke in open areas away from the houses.

Please take your garbage with you, there is no collection here and is difficult to manage.

Local permanent residents are only 8 people; they all have 65 or more years old, please be respectful.

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