No one drop of rain in years at the north... Huge glaciers and deep forests at the south... every possibility in between.

Chile: the greatest diversity of natural landscapes

CHILE, the long thin country that measures 4.500km in length stretches from the Mars-like landscapes of the hyper arid Atacama desert in the north where some areas have never seen rain to the glacier-fed fjords of the Chilean Patagonia, passing by the wine lands back dropped by the Andes of the Central Valley and the old-growth forests of the to the cold Patagonian; with the inspiring towering volcanic Andes mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean, the fourth western border where Easter Island and Juan Fernández Archipelago, including Robinson Crusoe Island, are also major attractions.

Many of the most visited attractions in Chile are protected areas. The extensive Chilean protected areas system includes 32 national parks, 48 natural reserves and 15 natural monuments.