Get your trekking shoes ready and let's go!


Expeditions and active trips for the adventurous oriented traveler who wants to experience pure nature.

A genuine nature experience, hiking or trekking, wildlife viewing, mountain climbing. The opportunity to meet and share with local Andean people, llama shepherds, and quinoa growers…
Experiencing and feeling the immediate natural phenomena are more important than luxury, meticulous execution and perfect boundary conditions of a trip.
Flexibility, abandoning home and hotel comforts, active support, and a positive attitude are essential prerequisites for you as a participant. There might be nights camping outdoors and short morning washing times as well as the absence of permanent toilets.
The reward for some deprivation is rich: initial encounters with and in nature and the nightly campfires under a starry sky.


4 DAYS AND 3 NIGHTS / from USD326

Becoming an Aymara shepherd of llamas at the Chilean Andes

Learn from real Andean inhabitants how is done! 100% authentic local experience at Atacama Desert high plateau. NATIONAL AWARD 2016 WINNER! From USD326 per person
4 DÍAS y 3 NOCHES / Desde $277.000 p/p

Conviértase en un pastor de llamas en los Andes Chilenos

Toma la oportunidad de vivir como un pastor de llamas y alpacas en el altiplano Chileno. Vive con ellos y aprende de los Aymara acerca de esta increíble y hermosa forma de vida.
14 DAYS/13 NIGHTS /from USD1730

Off the beaten path Atacama Desert overland

An overland active expedition visiting most of the National Parks of Atacama Desert, it's real inhabitants. A collection of great experiences, away from crowds and only for small groups.
5 DAYS AND 4 NIGHTS / from USD709

Overland trip to the Atacama Desert highlands National Parks

5 days exploring the jewels of the Atacama highlands, visiting 5 Natural protected areas, hot springs, meeting flora and fauna...

Lauca National Park treks

A small selection of great hikes surrounded by the stunning Atacama Desert's highland scenery on the feet of massive volcanoes. Price/Quality unbeatable: USD490 per person.
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Ojos del Salado: Andes volcano climbing expedition

Ten days of a good design mountain climbing expedition that is going to take you to the top of the Chilean Andes.
5 DAYS AND 4 NIGHTS / from USD640

Astronomy & San Pedro de Atacama highlights

5 days / 4 nights of stargazing and meeting the nights and days of San Pedro de Atacama. Including a visit to a state of the art observatory and one-night camping under the stars!.
4 DAYS AND 3 NIGHTS / from USD679

To Uyuni Saltflat (Bolivia) from Atacama Desert (Chile)

The less traveled, safer and more beautiful route to Uyuni salt flat. Less km and more action! Skip the crowds. From USD679 per person

To Uyuni salt flat from San Pedro de Atacama and back

An English guided tour to the most popular sights of Uyuni Salt flat and Eduardo de Avaroa National Park in Bolivia. On a base of shared lodging and simple meals.
4 DAYS AND 3 NIGHTS / From USD1074

To Uyuni salt flat (Bolivia) from San Pedro de Atacama and back. Private tour.

Private tour in English with a great selection of eco-hotels in Bolivia. All the popular sights of Uyuni Salt flat and Eduardo de Avaroa National Park and plenty of time and flexibility to make the most of your visit.