During middle March we were invited to join a research and learning trip to Cusco and surroundings, the mission?; visit, share and learn from the community based tourism successful experiences of different local initiatives, such as; Awanakancha project (Private + Community) Chahuaytire community (NPO + Community) Municipality founded tourism project at Sicuani; Association Sumaq Ñucchu

The National tourism bureau SERNATUR has awarded us with the +Touristic value National Award 2016 for our constant input to innovation and experiences diversification in tourism, altogether with our responsible tourism practices on the highlands of Atacama desert. From 345 experiences coming from all the corners of our beautiful and diverse country, only 4 were

The National Tourism Board SERNATUR has granted us with the Sustainable Tourism Award 2015 at the Tarapacá Region; Atacama Desert, northern Chile. The Regional Director of SERNATUR, Carolina Quinteros, says: “We want to acknowledge the great contribution Mistico Outdoors has done in the development of the tourism in this region and especially to the emphasis

Mistico Outdoors has been sponsoring and actively participating on the in-field workshops that Trekking Chile Foundation is currently performing at Pampa de Tamarugal National Reserve. These activities are inviting kids from the special education school Jacarandá of the town of Pica to learn about nature observation, native trees, recycling and to collect, plant and grow

It’s been a year since we were selected among the 20 great adventures in Chile; by that time, our pioneering Fat biking tour at sand dune field of Altos de Pica in northern Atacama Desert was recognized by the important National travel magazine DOMINGO of El Mercurio. As the pioneers of Fat biking tours in Chile,

World Responsible Tourism day!

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Llullaillaco National Park

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Los Flamencos National Reserve

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Pan de azúcar National Park

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