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Go beyond the popular paths and engage into authentic experiences

Away from crowds, closer to nature

Where the Andes follows its own rhythm

All the National Parks of Atacama

Local people with the knowledge, passion and skills to help you

Active Tourism

In a country dominated by natural contrasts, it’s all about going out there and enjoy nature

Responsible Tourism

A positive impact on local communities, environment and heritage

Chile: the greatest diversity of natural landscapes

From the driest and oldest desert to the southern glaciers

Local People + Sustainability + Adventure + Respect = Responsible Tourism

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Atacama Desert: Nature & Culture travel

Come and join us to explore this vast and beautiful desert. Lots of stunning views that might take a while to be "digested by your heart"
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Atacama Desert: Active & Adventure travel

Get ready for lots of options to go trekking, mountain biking, mountaneering...
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Atacama Desert: Private & Custom travel

Dry, old and beautiful, the Atacama Desert dramatic geography will surprise you with its colors, mysticism and history; continue going up to the Altiplano to meet one of the most unique landscapes on earth.
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The National Parks of the Atacama Desert

There are 16 natural protected areas in the Atacama Desert, here you can take a sneak peek about every each one of them.
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Atacama Desert travel info

We've put together some information that might be useful for you in order to plan your trip to the Atacama.
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Atacama's Fauna & Flora guide

The varied geomorfology of Atacama with its different "steps" allow to keep a varied flora and fauna in each one of its ecoregions.

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One tourist = One tree

OUR CARBON EMISSIONS ARE COMPENSATED: For each tourist going with Us, FAIR CHILE plants ONE NATIVE TREE in a National Park of Chile as an CO2 offset.

TAP : Travelers against plastic

WE DON'T USE DETACHABLE PLASTICS ON OUR TOURS: We are part of TAP Campaign which aims to educate global travelers about the harmful impacts of plastic water bottles usage.